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Fives Landis manufactures a wide range of CNC controlled grinding machinery, specialising in equipment for processing crankshafts, camshafts and transmission components for the world's automotive suppliers. We can supply single machines or specific turnkey production lines.

We also offer custom designed machines for a whole range of applications, throughout many industries.

Whatever your precision part requirement, from a 10mm needle bearing to a 10 Metre Crankshaft, Fives Landis can supply the equipment to meet your production needs.

Fives Landis Product Range


For the grinding of camshafts, crankshafts and transmission components.

200mm, 500mm & 1200mm shaft length options.

LT1 Grinding Machine LT1 Tooling area LT1 Grinding Operations

LT1e Swivel Wheelhead     VIEW DETAILS

For flexible orbital grinding of cylindrical & non-cylindrical components using dual wheel swivel wheelhead. 1200mm shaft length.

LT1 Swivel Wheelhead Machine LT1 Swivel Wheelhead Tooling LT1 Swivel Wheelhead Grinding Operations


For orbital grinding of crankpins and / or other diameters using single or twin wheelheads. 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm & 1500mm length options plus 2500mm & 3000mm for single wheelhead.

LT2 Machine

LT2 Tooling LT2 Grinding Operations


For grinding of crankshafts up to 8 Metres in length and 8,500 Kg in weight.
4500mm, 6500mm & 8000mm shaft length, Longer options available.

LT3 Grinding Machine LT3 Tooling LT3 Grinding Operation


Dedicated or flexible CNC grinding for small to medium components. Internal diameter bore grinding capability. 750mm & 1500mm shaft length options.

LVA Grinding Machine LVA Tooling LVA Grinding Operations

5RIWE Multi-Wheel     VIEW DETAILS

For multi-wheel co-axial journal grinding on all types of cam and crankshafts.
635mm shaft length.

5RIWE Multi Wheel Grinding Machine 5RIWE Multi Wheel Tooling 5RIWE Multi Wheel Grinding Operations

"Green" Grinders     VIEW DETAILS

For large and very fast stock removal of steel and cast iron components.
Available to accomodate components of up to 2500mm length.

Rough "Green" Grinding Rough "Green" Grinding Rough Grinding Operation

Customised Machines & Solutions     VIEW DETAILS

For Machines custom built to carry out specialised operations.

LT1 Tripod Grinding Machine LT1 Tripod Tooling Landis Custom Machine Operations

Double Disc Grinders     VIEW DETAILS

• Automotive - For grinding the faces of connecting rods, rocker arm pads, disc brakes etc.
• General - For grinding of flat and or parallel surfaces

Double Disc Grinding Machine Conrod ground on Double Disc Grinder

Centreless     VIEW DETAILS

For multi-wheel co-axial camshaft journal grinding. 650mm capacity.

Centreless Grinding Machine Centreless Tooling Centreless Grinding Operation

Evolution     VIEW DETAILS

For plunge & traverse peel grinding of multiple features in the same cycle.

Evolution Grinding Machine Evolution Tooling

Delta Turn     VIEW DETAILS

For high precision turning operations to include bores, outside diameters & faces.

DT40 Delta Turning Machine Delta Turn Tooling


For high precision milling, drilling, reaming, facing and boring in one set up.

HPB4 High Precision Boring Machine

Fives Landis Ltd operates to ISO9001 quality standard and is accredited by Lloyds Quality Register.
Registered in England
Registration Number 05577045
Registered Office: Cross Hills, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 7SD